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A Hassle Free Way of Managing Unsolicited Calls From Telemarketers.

MessageEasy converts all Telesales calls into one
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Spam Calling Has Become A Pressing Issue For Businesses Across The Globe

  • A 2019 study by showed that about 73% of people receive at least one spam telesales call per day.
  • It takes roughly 23 minutes for an employee to resume work after having been disrupted by an unsolicited call.
  • The volume of spam calls grew by 28% globally in 2019.
  • According to Truecaller, 13 million Britishers were scammed in 2018 and lost about 10.5 billion GBPs.

Why choose messageEasy

Increased Work Productivity

Without wasting time on long telesales calls your team will have a boost in morale, efficiency and productivity.

Cut Down Expenses & Save Money

Cut down expenses, redirect all telesales calls to MessageEasy, and review the offers in your own time to make well-informed purchase decisions!

Tailored Offers from Verified Vendors

Remove spam and get only relevant and tailored offers from verified vendors.

Avoid Phone Scams & Fraud

Phone scams and fraud will not be an issue anymore. Effectively remove spam callers and unwanted sales calls.

Its time to put an end to long & frustrating telesales calls that lead nowhere!
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How It Works

Create An Account & Set Up A Company Profile

Creating an account only takes a few seconds. And the good news is that your first month is completely FREE!

Secondly, you’ll need to set the email frequency. You’re free to decide when to receive emails from telemarketers: daily, weekly or monthly.

The final step is adding the departments and contact persons responsible with receiving these emails and reviewing offers from telemarketers.

An easy & organized way of dealing with unsolicited calls from telemarketers!

Redirect Unsolicited Calls to MessageEasy

Cold calls from telemarketers disrupt work. It takes roughly 23 minutes for an employee to resume the task they were working on prior to answering an unsolicited call.

Stop wasting time on long telesales calls!

Simply ask the caller to visit and have them contact you and send their offers via the portal.

Receive Only Offers from Verified Vendors

From now on, telemarketers who want to pitch you an offer will have to first create a verified company profile on MessageEasy.

Therefore, the system works like a filter: you won’t be prone to telemarketing frauds and won’t have to deal with spam calls anymore.

Receive only tailored offers from verified vendors.

Get All Offers From Telemarketers in One Email

MessageEasy converts all telesales calls into one singe email. You can receive the email whenever it suits you best. Just set the frequency and dates directly from your account.

Assess offers in your own sweet time and at your own pace. Take the time to sort out the irrelevant offers from the ones that actually interest you and would benefit your business.

By having all offers in one place and being able to check them at anytime, you’ll avoid impulse buying and won’t be pressured to make a decision on the spot.

MessageEasy Is Improving Sales Calls For Bussiness


of users are getting better
offers and deals tailored
for them


of companies say there is
less interruption due to
marketing calls


of employes are able to
better manage telemarketing
calls white at work

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