3 Types of Telemarketing Call You & Get How to Make Them Work for You
3 Types of Telemarketing Calls You Get and How to Make Them Work for You_2

3 Types of Telemarketing Calls You Get and How to Make Them Work for You

While most of the time people want to just block telemarketing calls in the UK, telemarketing is a very important component of any type of business. Yes, more than 98% of the time telemarketers will end up wasting your time but every once in a while you will get a juicy lead that propels your business to the next level. The case is the same for individuals. You never know when the best deal will come knocking. All in all, businesses stand to lose the most when they completely stop sales calls in the UK. That is why as you search for the best ways on how to stop spam calls, you need to find one that allows you to review an offer before dismissing it. One of the best services you can use to enjoy this level of flexibility is MessageEasy.

As you search for the best way to block unwanted calls, it is important that you understand the different types of telemarketing calls you get. The type of call you get depends on the type of service the telemarketer is focusing on.

1.Outbound Telemarketing

This is the most common type of telemarketing call you will get. Outbound telemarketing involves a telemarketer contacting you, as a target client, to try and convince you to buy a specific product or service. These types of telemarketers have advanced training and knowledge in the product they are selling.

The reason most of these calls will only end up wasting your time is because the telemarketer will be working on a cold prospect list. These types of calls are referred to as cold calling. As a prospect you will have no idea about the product or brand. The telemarketer, on the other hand, will have no idea if the product they are selling will work for you or not. A typical call will go something like this:

Telemarketer: … am calling you from XX and I believe I have a product that you will want to hear about. Can you spare a few minutes?

You: Okay. What’s the product about?

Telemarketer: How often do you …

The main purpose of this type of telemarketing call is to raise awareness in a new product/service and close a sale if possible. While most of these calls will waste your time, as a business you must not stop unwanted calls in the UK altogether. You never know when the perfect product or service will be pitched to you. Message Easy is an innovative service that will not only help you stop sales calls but also give you a chance to review what the telemarketer was selling.

2.B2B Telemarketing

These types of calls from telemarketers are all about selling products or building linkage between companies. Just like outbound telemarketing, B2B telemarketing is designed to raise awareness to a new product/service or about a new brand. You must not ignore B2B telemarketing calls as a business. The new linkage between companies can really help your business grow as well as build credibility with clients.

B2B telemarketing calls are made by professional agents with lots of experience. The callers discuss matters with full expertise. The top priority here is to discuss solutions.

3.B2C Telemarketing

Unlike outbound calls that target just anyone, B2C telemarketing targets specific consumers. These are calls you get after showing some interest in a certain product or service. After contacting a company about product X, you may get a call that looks like this:

Telemarketer: Hello, my name is Ken and am calling you from Company X. Am I speaking with Luke?

You: Yes, this is Luke. What is this about?

Telemarketer: A couple of weeks ago you inquired about X. Are you still interested in it?

You: Not really. It turned out to be more expensive than I had budgeted.

Telemarketer: How much was your budget? I am authorized to give you an amazing discount.

As you may have noticed, B2C is transaction-based. The telemarketer will not wait for you to contact them or visit their website again. They act proactively and make the call to you. They then go ahead and market strategically to you. It is good to note that B2C calls don’t just come from big businesses. You will get calls from small and growing businesses too.

How to make telemarketing calls work for you

Telemarketing is a very important tool for any business. Even as you learn how to block telemarketing calls you have to bear in mind that there might be something amazing for you. That is why MessageEasy is a highly recommended service for when you want to stop unwanted calls in the UK.

With MessageEasy, whenever a telemarketer contacts you, you can refer them to your MessageEasy profile. They will then be required to sign up with a verified company email and leave a short message on what they are offering. You will get an email with a list of messages left by telemarketers. You can then review these messages and contact the companies that interest you. MessageEasy guarantees that you don’t get overwhelmed by telesales calls and never miss out on an amazing deal. Try the service today. The first month is absolutely free.“Get Started today”

“While most of these calls will waste your time, as a business you must not stop unwanted calls in the UK altogether.”
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