3 Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls and How to Never Miss Leads
Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls and How to Never Miss Leads

3 Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls and How to Never Miss Leads

A lot of people all over the world lose a lot of money every month to phone scams. This is because scammers have found countless ways to contact unsuspecting individuals and how to cheat them out of their money. In some of the scams, scammers will act friendly and helpful while in others they might threaten or scare you. Businesses have not been spared either. That is why it is so important to learn how to stop spam calls in the UK.

While spam calls are prevalent, not all of them are bad. This is more so when you consider the important role played by telemarketers. Every now and then you will get a juicy lead from a random telemarketer. But do you really want to answer every telemarketer that calls? Even if you wanted to, the calls will be overwhelming and take up a lot of your time and resources. With that in mind, you will still need a way to block telemarketing calls in the UK.

Most of the tools out there will block spam calls completely but there are a few that will help you stop the telemarketing calls while allowing you to review what the telemarketer was offering during your free time. One such tool is MessageEasy. More on this later. Let’s take a look at the three methods you can use to stop unwanted calls in the UK.

a.Stop spam calls with your Carrier’s System

Are you tired of getting calls that look like this:

Caller: Good morning, am calling you from company X and I have an offer that will be great for you…

Caller: Hello! I am from company X. Have you heard about product X?

Some calls may be from automated machines. One of the best methods you can use to put an end to most of these calls is to contact your carrier for assistance. Most cell phone carriers offer some sort of spam detection service. By activating this service, your carrier will block some of these calls before they get to you. In most cases, this service is not available for the pay-as-you-go customers. Contact your cell phone carrier to see if they offer some form of spam call protection service.

b.Stop spam calls using third party apps

If you don’t have access to a carrier-based blocking service, the second option you can use to stop telesales calls UK is to install a third-party call blocking app. You will be spoilt for choice both on App Store and Google Play. Take time to review the ratings of an individual app and read through several user comments before downloading. However, the biggest problem of this method is that it is very inefficient. The Apps mostly clog your phone without doing anything good to block the unsolicited call.

c.Give a firm ‘No’ before hanging up

Regardless of the tool you are using to stop sales calls in the UK, some of the calls will get through. While it is okay to hang up on robocalls and scammers without saying a thing, you will not be able to get rid of telemarketers that way. When you hang up on a telemarketer, the call will be logged as ‘disconnected’. This means the telemarketer will call you again. Saying now is not a good time to talk will also not help your case. The telemarketer will only reschedule. Giving a firm ‘No’ is the only way out and here is an example of what you can say.

Telemarketer: Good morning.

You: Morning to you. How may I help you?

Telemarketer: I am calling you from company X and I have a product I believe will be great for you. Is now a good time to talk? It will only take a minute or two.

You: Sure. What is the product about?

Telemarketer: … Product X is an innovative product designed for …

You: Thanks for the offer but it will not work for me. I currently use Product Y and am very satisfied.

The conversation will certainly not end there. More than 96% of the time telemarketers are turned down. As a result, they are trained to keep pushing until they get a yes. The key to getting rid of them is standing your ground. Don’t cave in to pressure. You must never make promises or act as if you are considering the option because they will keep calling.

Best Solution: Block Telemarketer but still review their offers

The first three methods may block telesales calls altogether. While this might be perfect for an individual, businesses need leads. The best tool should enable you to stop unwanted calls in the UK but still allow you to take advantage of leads. That is what you get with MessageEasy.

MessageEasy is a revolutionary tool that improves how you deal with telemarketers. The tool is designed to help you focus more on your work without being distracted by telemarketing calls that go on for minutes. Needless to say, answering the phone every time it rings will cause you to lose focus and if the call is from a telemarketer it will really demoralize and irritate you. Too many calls will cost you time and money.

MessageEasy converts the variety of telephone calls into one single email. You can receive the email either daily or once a week, the choice is yours. You simply register your company and customize the email schedule. When you get a call from a telemarketer, you simply ask them to message you on www.MessageEasy.com. Verified telemarketers will leave their message on your profile and you can review their offers on your free time. The first month is free!

Take note of the telemarketer’s script

When a telemarketer contacts you, the first thing he really wants is to book an appointment with you. That is why on the first call all they will do is give vague information about the product or solution they are selling and ask lots of questions. It is only after showing interest in the product or solution that the telemarketer will move forward to market it to you.

You have the power to stop spam calls from taking up a lot of your time and peace in the future. All you need is to make use of the aforementioned tips. But what do you do if you no longer want to get dozens of sales calls? The answer is to block them. MessageEasy offers the best solution on how to block telemarketing calls in the UK.

When you register with MessageEasy, you will be able to block telemarketers by directing them to your MessageEasy profile where they need to register with a verified company email and leave their message. You can then schedule to get an email of all the offers left daily or once a week. After reviewing the offers, you can contact the telemarketer that has the best deal. MessageEasy offers the best way to block telemarketing calls without missing out on juicy leads. You can sign up today. The first month is free. “Get Started today”

“Most of the tools out there will block spam calls completely but there are a few that will help you stop the telemarketing calls while allowing you to review what the telemarketer was offering during your free time. One such tool is MessageEasy.”
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