5 Tips on how to Beat a Spammy telemarketer and Robocaller
5 Tips on how to Beat a Spammy telemarketer and Robocaller

5 Tips on how to Beat a Spammy telemarketer and Robocaller

Spammy telemarketers and robocallers can force you to think about changing your phone number. In addition to being a nuisance, they call at the worst time. You could be waiting for an important call only to pick up and hear a robot voice on the other end. Blocking each spam number is also not the best way to stop spam calls becausespammers use so many numbers to call. With that being said, your question may be this; why am I getting so many spam calls and how do I stop them.

Why So Many Spam Calls?

Telemarketers are relentless because that is their job. They are paid to reach as many potential clients as possible. That is why they are not afraid to interrupt your dinner or call you first thing in the morning. But does this mean you will foreverdeal withunwanted sales calls? The answer is NO. There are a couple of things you can do to beat a spammy telemarketer or robocaller. In addition to that, there are a few facts you should understand.

Adding Your Number to the ‘Do Not Call’ List Does NotApply to All Telemarketers

In theory, when you add your phone number to the Do Not Call list, you should be able to stop telemarketing calls automatically. But that is not always the case. Spammy telemarketers will not listen to you when you tell them you are on the Do Not Call list.

You should also note that non-profit organizations are exempted from the Do Not Call list. This means telemarketers working on political campaigns, and national fundraising organizations will still be able to call you.

If you seriously want the calls to stop, you need to ask telemarketers to remove you from their call list. You also need to register with your carrier and ask them to add you to their list of numbers that don’t want to receive marketing and sales calls. Being added to the do not call list will certainly give you some relief.

While these solutions might be promising, they are not the best option for businesses. You don’t want to block all telemarketers. As a business, even as you search for the best way on how to stop unwanted phone calls, you need a way to review offers from serious telemarketers. This ensures you never miss out on juicy leads. A service like MessageEasy.com will be your best option when you want to block spammy telemarketers but still be able to review offers from serious marketers.

It is Never a ‘Better Time’

The reason you keep getting too many spam calls is because telemarketers know there is never a good time to call you.Even so, they will call and give you a chance to tell them when it will be great for them to call you. The call may go something like this.

Telemarketer: Good morning. I’m calling you from Company X and I have an amazing offer am certain you will love. Is this a good time?

You: No

The conversation will not end there. The telemarketer is trained to trick you into sharing your schedule with them. What most people forget is once you ask them to call you later, telemarketers will enter that in their reminderlist and they will certainly call you back. To stop telemarketing calls, you should avoid saying anything that tells the telemarketer to call you later. To avoid getting so many spam calls, simply tell them you are not interested and stand your ground.

Don’t Try Any Crazy Tricks

As we mentioned earlier, if you are rude, a spammy telemarketer will take revenge by calling you countless times. Screaming unintelligibly into the phone is also not the best solution on how to block spam calls in UK. Unless you speak normally and in a manner that is understandable, your phone number will be recycled back into the system as a ‘No Contact’. This means the telemarketer was not able to speak with you.

Say ‘No’ Three Times

No matter what group is calling you, telemarketers are trained to pitch their idea at least three times before giving up. Consequently, telemarketers will ask you 3 times even if you scream or threaten them. The reason they ask three or more times is because our willpower is tested each time,we are asked a question repeatedly. You are less likely to say ‘No’ when a telemarketer asks you to do something for the third time.

The objective here is to wear you down. The question will be asked in a slightly different way. Don’t give in. If you want to be added to their do not call list, you have to be firm with your No’s. Hesitation will only motivate the telemarketer to keep pressuring you.

If you are searching for the best solution on how to stop spam calls, these tips will give you a great start. The secret is to understand how telemarketers think in order to beat them in their own game. “Get Started today”

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