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5 Top External Factors that Affect Employee Productivity

If your competition is doing better with less, then employee productivity is the issue. Poor employee productivity indicates serious issues within an organisation. This forces companies, big and small, to adapt to more innovative techniques that boost employee productivity. While the main cause of low-output workers is distractions, there are several factors you will have to look at. Let us focus on the main ones.

Organizational culture

The general culture of your business will impact how your employees conduct themselves with customers, suppliers and co-workers. Organisation culture is a lot more than a work environment. It includes company’s growth plans, management’s attitudes towards the employees and the empowerment/ autonomy given to the employees.

The tone at the very top is what describes the overall culture of an organisation. A positive tone from the management can result in happy employees and increased productivity. On the flipside, a negative tone will cause employee dissatisfaction, absence, theft and at times vandalism.

Anything employees are forced to do will lead to dissatisfaction. This is more so if employees are forced to respond to every phone call that comes through. The majority of calls will be from telemarketers and you can be guaranteed they will mostly be spam calls. Learning how to stop spam calls can significantly boost employee morale and subsequently improve productivity.

Competition in the industry

The motivation and ethics of employees and management will be impacted by the competitiveness of your organisation in the industry. This is more so if compensation is based on revenues. In a highly competitive environment, the ethical behaviour of some of the employees towards the suppliers and customers can slope downward. This happens when employees scramble to get more work. When the industry is stable, attracting customers will not be a big issue. Consequently, employees will not be motivated to lay their internal values aside to earn more money.

Learning how to stop unwanted phone calls is crucial if your company relies on telemarketing to get the latest scoop in your industry. The best thing is you can use tools like MessageEasy.com to learn how to block spam calls or stop telemarketing calls altogether. When you learn how to block nuisance calls on the phones you will be able to help employees focus on their work. At the end of the day they will be more productive.

Social Factors: Reputation of the company in the community

The perception of employees on how the company they work for is viewed by the local community will greatly impact their behaviour. If employees know their company is considered cheap or underhanded, their actions might just be like that. On the other hand, when a company is viewed as a pillar by the community it serves, employees will most likely exhibit similar behaviour. This is for the simple fact that supplies and customers expect that from them.

Typically, for a reputed company, how you answer calls matters. If your lines are always busy or employees keep ignoring calls because they suspect they are spam calls from telemarketers, the reputation of your company will take a nosedive. Learning how to stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone and landline before vetting them will keep lines clear and employees more motivated to answer incoming calls.

Economic factors

Whether customers are buying your products/ services or not will affect the productivity of employees. If the business is not getting a lot of sales, employees will feel like their efforts are not bearing fruits. As a result, their morale will decline and so will their productivity.

At times the best way to improve sales is to listen to what your customers want and keep up with the trends. This means listening to customer feedback. Your customer service has to be top-notch too. However, for this to work swimmingly you will have to learn how to deal away with the unwanted sales calls that might hamper your customer feedback process. Without a plan on how to stop cold calls you will end up demoralising your employees further.

Technological factors

Changes to technology could enhance employability as well as productivity. You have to keep up with the newest technologies in your industry. Needless to say, part of doing this means dealing with telemarketers. Even as you rely on a tool to compile a ‘do not call’ list you have to vet every telemarketer properly before dismissing them.

Moreover, while investing in the latest technology is good, you cannot expect employees to figure out a new software package without proper training. As you consider the products being offered to manage the telemarketing calls, always make sure training is offered. Not being able to use a new piece of technology will ruin productivity and demoralize employees.

Use MessageEasy.com to block unwanted sales calls

With most distractions that affect employee productivity coming from spam calls, the primary goal of developing the MessageEasy.com tool is to manage all kinds of telemarketing calls effectively. When a telemarketer contacts you, you can direct them to MessageEasy.com where they will be required to just send you the information on what they are calling you about. Telemarketers can register using any email so as to send you their offer. All messages left by telemarketers are then combined into a single email which is sent to a designated employee based on a selected schedule. The designated employee can then go through all the offers. You can then contact telemarketers that offer relevant offers. MessageEasy.com is the best tool to use if you want to learn how to block spam calls in UK.

Why Use MessageEasy.com

  • Improve employee productivity: Employees will no longer have to answer spam calls. Only verified telemarketers will be able to contact you. This will significantly improve employee morale and productivity.
  • Improve customer service: Never dealing with spam calls means employees will be more courteous when answering calls because they know calls are from serious customers. Scam and spam calls will be filtered.
  • Better manage impulse buying: You will have ample time to review offers without being pressured by telemarketers to make a decision.
  • Review at your own time: Important offers will be stored at MessageEasy.com. You can access them and take action at any time.
  • Phone lines will be freed up: No more worry about phone lines being constantly jammed by unscrupulous telesales callers.

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Poor employee productivity indicates serious issues within an organisation. This forces companies, big and small, to adapt to more innovative techniques that boost it. MessageEasy is one such powerful tool.
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