6 Simple Tricks to Get Off that Long Telesales Call

6 Simple Tricks to Get Off that Long Telesales Call

Telemarketers are trained to be persistent. More than 98% of the time their offers get rejected and that is why they will never take your ‘NO’ for answer unless you really mean it. While not all telemarketers are bad, you have to learn how to get off a long telesales call in addition to using the best services to stop spam calls in the UK.

1.Don’t give out any information

The main reason why a conversation with a telemarketer tends to drag on for minutes is because he is trying to wear you down. In most cases, he simply wants you to get sloppy and disclose valuable information that he can use to better win you over. The rule of thumb when on call with a telemarketer is to never give out any information.

You: I really am not interested in the offer. The product is not for me?

Telemarketer: Okay, I understand. But can I at least have your name?

Information as small as your locality or your first name will be used to build a profile that other telemarketers will use to tailor an offer to you. With telemarketers, there is no amount of information you disclose that is useless. That is why if you want to stop telesales calls in the UK you must never give telemarketers any information to work with. When you are impervious to their questions, there is a good chance they will give up.

You: I really am not interested in the offer. The product is not for me?

Telemarketer: Okay, I understand. But can I at least have your name?

2.Give a firm ‘No’ every time

If you have dealt with telemarketers before, then statistics say that 98% of the time they will only end up wasting your time. With a low hit rate of just 1-2%, telemarketers have no option but to be persistent. They will completely ignore all the ‘Nos’ you say and call you back when you hang up. As a matter of fact, they rely on a method that will cause you to say ‘Yes’ at least three times before presenting their offer.

Being firm with your ‘No’ is the key to ending a long telesales call. Yes, the telemarketer is not discouraged by your ‘No’ but that does not mean you allow him or her to push you to the wall. The secret here is to never be afraid to say no. Never say ‘Yes’ just to be sympathetic. You must also never give out any information about yourself as it will be used to twist your arm even further. The more personal information you give the harder it will be to block telemarketing calls in the UK.

3.Escape the telemarketer’s script

Most telemarketers follow a script when speaking with potential clients. The line of questions they ask before presenting you with an offer is almost the same. Using a script further makes it easy for them to respond to common questions and rejections. The script is designed to lead you into closing a deal. Needless to say, the job of a telemarketer is to make money. They may sound like they care but the end goal is to close the deal. Even as you find better ways on how to stop sales, you have to learn how to escape the script.

Telemarketer: Can I place an order for you? The offer is limited.

Regardless of how enticing an offer is, your answer here should be ‘No’. Telemarketers are trained to manipulate you to take an offer. They will mostly create a sense of urgency. If you are not careful, you will end up buying something that is in surplus and one that you never really needed. Saying ‘No’ to these advances will knock the telemarketer off balance. Disorganising his play will simply cause him to end the call.

4.Ask questions about the product/ service

Not all telemarketers are legit. Some are out to scam you. Others, due to the love of money, will put all their trust in the script and contact you without learning more about the product they are selling. Even as you strive to block unwanted calls in the UK, some will always get through. To get rid of the callers who get through, you need to go off script and ask hard questions.

Creating a sense of urgency works for most telemarketers. The trick to beating a telemarketer is not being a conventional client. Once the telemarketer gives you his pitch, ask questions about the company, products or services. Legitimate companies will have no problem giving you the information you request. Scammers will either stammer or hang up.

Telemarketer: To get this free gift you will need to send us a small processing fee?

You: If the gift is free, why am I required to pay any money?

Questions like these will keep you safe when dealing with telemarketers. The secret is for you not to be an easy target.

5.Never ask to be called at another time

A mistake you must never make when dealing with telemarketers is that of asking them to call you later. Telemarketers have nothing else to do but close deals. When you ask them to call you later they will certainly do that. When you ask to be called at a different time the telemarketer will log that in their system. This means you will have to deal with them all over again. The case is the same when you hang up in mid-sentence. The key is to end the call without hinting that you will be free later.

6.Refer them to your call screening service

The best solution on how to block telemarketing calls is to make use of a screening service. The best one on the market is MessageEasy. When you are tired of a long telesales call or don’t want to engage in one, you simply direct the telemarketer to your MessageEasy profile. There they need to sign up and leave details of their offer. You can contact them later if their offer interests you. The best thing about MessageEasy.com is that the first month is FREE.

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