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7 Tactics Telemarketers Use to Keep You On the Phone

Even as you search for the best way to stop spam calls in the UK, you also need to learn how to get off a long phone call with a telemarketer. To do this, you have to understand the tactics telemarketers use to keep you on the phone longer.

Telemarketers understand that every customer needs convincing for them to take the desired action. They also know that their success rate is between 1 and 2 percent. As a result, telemarketers will do everything within their power to keep you on the phone. They understand that the longer you stay on the phone the better their chances of winning you over. With that being said, let’s take a quick look at the main techniques used by telemarketers to keep you talking.

1.Focus all questions on you

In the initial contact with you, the telemarketer will focus all their attention and questions on you. Some will even not talk about who they are or what their company can do for you. This is because they understand that client-centred selling is professional selling.

Let’s be honest, we all want to feel special. When the telemarketer tailors the conversation to be all about you, you will end up engaging them longer. You also have a high likelihood of trusting a telemarketer that keeps calling you by name and one that seems to understand your needs.

To make the call exclusive for you, telemarketers take the time to plan all the questions in advance. They also take time to learn as much about you as possible. If you wish to block unwanted calls in the UK, the best tip you can use is to never share any information about yourself with any telemarketer. Any information you give will be added to your profile and it will be used to win you over in the future.

2.Never following cold calling scripts

After receiving dozens of telemarketing calls, you will be able to predict what a telemarketer will say next. Experienced telemarketers know this. As a result, they never follow the standard cold calling scripts. They know that cold calling and telesales have to be very personal for them to work. Failing to focus on the customer’s needs as an individual causes the call to feel less personal. Chances of being hanged up on are thus higher.

To keep you on the phone, telemarketers will dig up as much information as they can about you and then tailor their conversation to you. With a well-crafted plan, you might even forget that you are speaking with a telemarketer.

3.By keeping you relaxed

When you feel uncomfortable talking to a telemarketer you will not share any information with them. You may also hang up as soon as possible. Telemarketers understand this. They know the main reason most people choose to block telemarketing calls is because they are not comfortable speaking with strangers who keep prying.

Keeping you relaxed is the top priority of an experienced telemarketer. The telemarketer knows that the longer he keeps you relaxed the more you will end up opening up. The more you open up the easier it will be for the telemarketer to keep you on the phone and make a sale in the long run.

4.Anticipate obstacles

We all have techniques we use or have read about on how to end a call fast with a telemarketer. The techniques include saying you don’t have the time, refusing to share any information with the telemarketer and so on. While newer techniques may work, telemarketers anticipate the known ones. You will not get off that easy if you are using a common technique to get rid of a telemarketer.

Furthermore, telemarketers know that most calls will not go smoothly. They know there are obstacles that may come up and will be well prepared for this. If all the cards under your sleeves are used up and the telemarketer is still on, you will have no choice but to keep listening. Telling him now is not a good time to talk only guarantees you will get another call within a few days.

5.Use humour

A little humour will keep you listening to a telemarketer for long. Some telemarketers have a lot of energy and will use their voice to crack you up as they sell you something you never thought you needed. With the right ‘comedian’, you will have a hard time turning him down.

6.Press urgency

Most people cave in to pressure and telemarketers know this. They will create a sense of urgency from the very beginning. Doing so keeps you on edge and you might end up engaging the telemarketer for minutes as you think about the option.

7.Assuming it is a good time to talk

The main reason you are never able to shake off telemarketers easily is because they assume it is a good time to talk. While it is good to respect your time, telemarketers know that asking if now is a good time to talk will give you a way out. They will instead phrase their statement like this:

Telemarketer: I know you are busy so this will only take a moment.

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“Telemarketers will do everything within their power to keep you on the phone. They understand that the longer you stay on the phone the better their chances of winning you over.”
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