Best Ways to Block Telesales or Robocalls
Best Ways to Block Telesales or Robocalls

Best Ways to Block Telesales or Robocalls

Your phone rings, you hurriedly pick it up, the phone number looks legit and you answer only to be greeted by a pre-recorded voice that never gives you a chance to respond. Other times the legit phone number is of a caller selling a product or service that is irrelevant and they don’t take your ‘No’ for answer. Have you ever received such a call or are you all of a sudden getting dozens of such calls? This is a problem most individuals and businesses face in the UK. It has led to a frantic search for ways on how to stop unwanted phone calls.

In 2019, the volume of spam calls grew by 18% globally. This is according to Truecaller. In the annual report, the Stockholm-based firm reported that users received 26 billion spam calls between January and October 2019. This was up from 17.7 billion calls received during the same period in 2018. YouMail reported that nearly 48 billion Robocalls were made in 2019. This was a 56.8% increase from the Robocall volume of 2018. Although data from various firms differ, the stats are without a doubt unsettling. The worst thing is they will definitely go up this year due to the impact of the prevailing pandemic. Everyone is trying to make ends meet including scammers.

With your search for the best way on how to stop spam calls being unending, does it mean you have to deal with these annoying calls forever? Is this the new normal? The answer is definitely ‘No’. There are several things you can do to block unwanted sales calls both from telemarketers and robocallers. Here are the best options.

1.Answering the phone triggers more calls

This is the number one fact you need to understand about robocalls and telemarketers. While it is natural to answer your phone when it rings, answering the phone when a telemarketer or a robocaller calls triggers more follow up calls. This is for the simple fact that answering signals the telemarketer/robocaller that you are ‘alive’ and they only need to apply a little more pressure to persuade you. If the number works, cold callers know someone will respond in due time. This is one of the things that have made it so hard to find a lasting solution on how to stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone.

The best solution to stop telemarketing calls is to not answer calls from unknown numbers. Most robocalls are from random-seeming area codes. If you don’t know anyone from Germany or aren’t expecting a call from there, don’t pick up calls with that area code. You also need to ignore calls that are from ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unlisted’ numbers. If someone wants to get a hold of you, they can easily leave a voicemail or simply text. Don’t feel obligated to pick up if you are not sure about the caller.

2.Use the blocking service provided by your carrier

You may already know this but it is worth mentioning here. If you are dealing with too many spam calls, one of the best things you can do is contact your phone carrier for help. Telephone companies deal with robocalls and telemarketers more times than you do. As a result, every cell carrier offers tools for spam calls block.

Each carrier is different. While some services may be free, some carriers may charge you for their solutions on how to block spam calls in the UK. If you are serious about blocking robocalls/telemarketers, contacting your carrier will come in handy. You can use this option together with blocking individual phone numbers.

3.Install a Call Blocking Device

Unlike cell phones, it is much trickier to block unwanted calls on a landline. If your home or office landline does not use the Internet and you need a reliable solution on how to block nuisance calls on a landline, you can block unwanted calls by buying and installing a call-blocking device. These are small boxes that you attach to the phone. Some of these devices use a blacklist database of known scam numbers and allow you to add numbers you want to block.

The call blocking devices can help:

  • Stop unwanted calls
  • Divert calls to your voicemail
  • Show blinking light whenever an unwanted call comes in
  • Connect the caller to a recording with options so that the call of another real caller can get through.

There are also call-blocking devices with a whitelist of approved numbers. This helps you set a do not call list thus limiting the calls that actually get through. You can also set ‘do not disturb’ hours on the device so that any call that comes during the ‘do not disturb’period goes straight to voicemail. Some devices will weed out robocalls by playing pre-recorded message that prompts callers to press a number in order to continue.

While the aforementioned options may help stop unwanted sales calls, they will mostly NOT WORK for a business. This is more so when you consider that you may not have a way of qualifying calls before rejecting them. That is why you need a solution that is a little more dynamic.

Solution: MessageEasy.

While the majority of robocall problems are driven in large part by scams, there are so many juicy leads you can get from these calls. This is more so when the robocalls are from verified telemarketers. So what can you do to weed outscam calls while at the same time take advantage of the juicy leads? The answer is to use a service like MessageEasy.

With MessageEasy, you and your team directs callers to a system where the caller needs to register with a verified email and leave a message on what they are offering. You will then receive an email from MessageEasy with all the messages left by serious telemarketers. You can go through the messages and contact the telemarketers that interest you. No more dealing with unwanted sales calls or risking missing juicy leads. The first month is free and there is now a free-for-life package for start-ups. “Get Started today”

“YouMail reported that nearly 48 billion Robocalls were made in 2019. This was a 56.8% increase from the Robocall volume of 2018.”
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