How to Block Nuisance Telesales Calls - Part 01
How to Block Nuisance Telesales Calls

How to Block Nuisance Telesales Calls – PART 01

A recent survey suggested that several people find telemarketing calls annoying and intrusion in their life. 

Telemarketers often bring some valuable offers and money-saving deals, but them calling at odd or busy hours is enough to hurt your productivity.

Often people wonder how these salespeople get their contact details. Well, there is no accurate answer to this.

Sometimes information that is traded between reliable companies and certain individuals may end up getting in the hands of third-parties. Other times, people receive autodialed calls (robocalls) and get contacted by executives of telemarketing companies. Whatever their source to get your information is, unwanted sales calls are annoying and intimidating, especially at the inconvenient times.

If you’re fed up receiving these nuisance telesales calls, there are things you can do to block telesales calls in the UK.

Ways to stop Nuisance Telesales Call

Talk to your provider

If you keep getting unwanted calls from a hidden or private number, contact your phone company to seek help. The provider company should have a dedicated team for handling nuisance calls.

Your phone provider company can guide you on your next step, and may even be able to help you find the caller information to stop them from contacting you again.

The provider company also can help you to set up caller displays, or block calls from hidden or private numbers. They can also let you send blocked calls straight to a junk folder.

You can contact your service provider company via their website, or by calling their customer service team to get more precise details.

Register with Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is primarily established to take action against unwanted sales calls. You can register with them, it should help you reduce the number of unwanted telesales calls you receive.

It is free to register with them. This is how to block telesales calls in the UK easily. The unwanted calls stop ringing your phone within 28 days after you complete your registration with TPS.

Registration with TPS lets you:

  • Stop unwanted telemarketing calls on your number
  • Stop unwanted text messages on your number
  • Prevent incoming calls at inconvenient times
  • Allow only valid calls to get to you
  • Stop calls about products and service that you are not interested in

Find out information of the caller

The UK companies must display the phone number of the dialer, required by TPS. So, it becomes easier for you to report unwanted calls you receive from the same number.

You can also check the number of the call by screening the call using your handset and making a note of that phone number, along with the details like the date and time of the call.

This way you can then report a file against the company to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Which then will investigate and potentially charge fines to the company for unwanted cold calls.

Interested to know even more efficient ways on how to stop telesales calls in the UK? Stay tuned for PART 02 of this post! “Get Started today”

“Telemarketers often bring some valuable offers and money-saving deals, but them calling at odd or busy hours is enough to hurt your productivity.”
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