How to Screen Telemarketers Using Google
How to Screen Telemarketers Using Google

How to Screen Telemarketers Using Google

Nearly half of all calls are scams. This is according to First Orion’s report which predicted that by the August of 2020, 44.6% of nearly all calls will be scam. The report was not wrong. Today there is an ongoing epidemic of robocalls. The big question that almost everyone wants answered is this, ‘why am I getting so many spam calls?’

There is no direct answer to this because scammers rely on a range of methods to contact you. Some purchase your phone number from Data Aggregation platforms while others dial random numbers until they get to yours. If you are dealing with so many spam calls, there may be hope for you. This is thanks to a fewpromising solutions available on how to stop unwanted phone calls. One of the newest solutions for combating spam calls is Google Call Screen.

What is Google Call Screen?

Google Call Screen is a new feature that offers the best promise on how to stop spam calls. It is a feature that will let you see who is calling and why long before you answer the call. The best thing is the feature is powered by Google Assistant; the revolutionary Google AI.

It is good to note that the feature happens on your device and doesn’t require Wi-Fi or mobile data. It uses on-device technology to work offline and fast. As a result, even as you try to stop spam calls you will still be able to keep your conversation private. The caller will also be told right away that you are using a screening service that will transcribe the call for you. Since your question is why am I getting so many spam calls in UK, how can Google Call Screen help you stop them?

How Google Call Screen Works

Imagine you are at a dinner table and your phone rings. You look at your phone and you don’t recognize the caller. If you pick-up, it may be a spam call that will not only interrupt your dinner but also lead to more spam calls. Google Call Screen offers the best way on how to stop telemarketing calls without ever wasting your time. Here is how it works.

When you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, you simply click the ‘Call Screen’ button on your device. Google Assistant goes ahead and answers the call.

“Hi, the person you are calling is using a screening service from Google and will get a copy of this conversation. Go ahead and say your name and why you are calling”

The caller can either hang-up or provide an answer. Their answer will be transcribed in real-time and then displayed on your screen. It is then up to you to answer or decline the call.

Needless to say, this is the best way on how to block spam call UK more so when it comes to robocalls. If the message you receive is something like, “Mary, this is your husband. I lost my phone, please pick up’ you would probably answer, right? However, if the transcribed message reads something like, ‘This is the police and we are going to arrest you for not paying your taxes’, you can simply ignore because this is definitely a scam.

You can also create a do not call list with Google Call Screen. With this feature you will be able to mark spammy incoming calls. If you get a spam call, you can mark it as a spam and the next time the caller calls a big red interface will notify you that you previously pegged the caller as suspicious. You therefore, don’t need to waste time bothering yourself with such calls.

If your constant question has been why so many spam calls, Google Call Screen can help stop the nuisance without wasting time picking up each call. However, it is important to understand that the feature will not delete your phone number from the telemarketer’s database. It just makes it harder for telemarketers to reach you.

How Can You Get the Google Call Screen?

Google Call Screen was launched in October 2018 for Pixel 3. In February 2020, the feature went live on all Pixel phones. While it may come to other smartphones sometime in the future, to stop spam calls in the meantime you need other solutions. One of the most promising option isMessageEasy.


Message Easy offers a hassle free way of managing unsolicited calls from telemarketers. It does this by converting telesales calls into an email you can review. Once you have an account and a telemarketer calls, you simply ask them to contact you through To leave a message,telemarketers must have a verified company profile on MessageEasy. This causes the system to act as a filter where only verified telemarketers will be able to contact you. You can then contact the verified telemarketer with an offer that interests you. If you are getting too many spam calls as a business, Message Easy is the way to go. The first month is free. “Get Started today”

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