How to Stop Spam on Your Landline Phone
How to Stop Spam on Your Landline Phone

How to Stop Spam on Your Landline Phone

For a business, having a landline makes more sense than using a cell phone. A landline is more official and allows you to have working hours. Unfortunately, landlines are also vulnerable to spam calls just as mobile phones are. What is even worse is the fact that it is much harder to find a reliable solution on how to block nuisance calls on a landline.

The stats on spam calls are alarming. From bank spams and computer repair scams to pension& investment scams and ‘anti-scam’ scams, billions of scam calls are made each year in the UK. Cold calls from companies trying to sell you something are also very high and can seriously affect your productivity. Learning how to stop spam calls is vital for a business. But how can you do that? What are your options when you want to stop spam calls on a landline phone?

What You Can Do for Yourself

There are a few methods you can use to block unwanted sales calls on landline. However, considering scammers and cold callers keep refining their strategies to get through to you, the best thing you can do is get rid of spam right from the start. If a telemarketer doesn’t have your phone number, they cannot call you. The best advice on how to block spam calls UK is to be stingy with your phone number.

Second, never answer any calls if you don’t recognize the number that is calling. If the caller is legit, they can leave a message and you can call them back. The issue with answering the phone is you show the cold caller that your phone number is working and you are available to answer it. A simple conversation like the one below will expose you to a lot of problems in the near future;

Caller: Hello. I am Mark from Company Y. Have you heard about Product X? It is an amazing pro…

You: I am not interested. Bye

Simply hanging up causes the telemarketer to mark you as ‘disconnected’. You will definitely get another call soon from that same telemarketer or the company he or she works for. Answering also tells the telemarketer that he/she just needs to change the strategy. Your phone number, which is deemed to be working, may also be shared with other departments or firms to try their luck. If you are searching for the best tip on how to stop cold calls, you need to stop answering calls from callers you don’t recognize.

Yes, spam calls can be annoying and at times frightening. Your best line of defence is to never share your phone number, especially online, and resist the urge to answer calls from callers you don’t recognize.

What Regulators Can Do for You

Another solution on how to stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone or landline is to report the nuisance calls. If you are getting unwanted calls from a company or phone number, there are several organizations you can complain to. Top on the list is TPS, your phone operator, and ICO.

The threshold the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is allowed to act has been lowered. The ICO has the power to fine a company up to £500,000 for breaking rules on unsolicited nuisance phone calls and texts. ICO works with other relevant bodies to make sure efforts to tackle phone harassment bear fruit.

Registering with Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is free. The registration records your preference not to get unsolicited marketing or sales calls. If you still receive sales/marketing calls after registering, you need to make your complaint to TPS and they will investigate. Since TPS doesn’t have the power to penalise, they forward complaints to the ICO which takes the necessary action. It is illegal to make unsolicited phone calls to a consumer that has registered on TPS. Registering with TPS is thus a great way to stop telemarketing calls.

Reporting the nuisance calls to your phone company may also help. Most phone companies provide products and advice on how to stop unwanted phone calls or simply reduce the nuisance. Whether you are using BT, Sky, TalkTalk, or Virgin media, you can contact them for assistance on how to stop spam calls.

It is good to note that people have mixed experiences when using TPS and products offered by their phone companies. While the calls don’t stop completely for most people, you will notice a reduction in the number of unwanted calls after using one or a combination of the aforementioned methods.

What Technology Can Do for You

The third option to stop spam calls on your landline phone is to use call blocking technology. While the options here are not as diverse as those for cell phones, you will find a technology that works for you. The services range from incoming call blocking with a do not call list to caller display and caller identification. These solutions are not cheap either. The average cost is between £40 and £120 and they only block about 50% of the unwanted phone calls.

In addition, the problem with these technologies is they can keep you from taking advantage of juicy leads. If every unknown call is blocked, telemarketers and new clients will not be able to get through to you. This is why you need a more reliable and affordable solution than all the aforementioned ones. For that, the answer is

MessageEasy is the best solution for managing unsolicited calls from telemarketers. It converts telesales calls into a single email. When you are contacted, you simply redirect the telemarketer to MessageEasy. They register with a verified email and leave their message. You will get an email with all the messages left and contact the telemarketer that offers an exciting offer. The best thing is MessageEasy offers one month free with no credit card required. There is also a free package for start-ups! “Get Started today”

“The stats on spam calls are alarming. From bank spams and computer repair scams to pension & investment scams and ‘anti-scam’ scams, billions of scam calls are made
each year in the UK.”
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