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Key Reasons You Are Getting So Many Spam Calls

The stats on spam calls are shocking. According to the Caller ID company Hiya, the global spam calls soared by 325% over 2019 to get to a whopping 85 billion worldwide. In their Global Robocall Radar report, Hiya further claimed that spam call rates are highest in four European countries. These are France at 20%, Italy at 21%, the UK at 22% and Spain topping the list at 24%. But why are these calls so prevalent and how do you stop spam calls in the UK?

The worst thing about spam calls is that they are more than a nuisance; some expose victims to fraud attempts. Bank account scams are very common where the caller pretends to be a representative from your bank and asks for sensitive details. Another is the ‘neighbour scams’ where the caller pretends to be a nearby business or a friend. These spam callers trick their victims using VoIP software which spoofs your phone number. The one-ring scam are also common. A fraudster calls just once so as to entice you to call back to premium rate international numbers that are owned by the scammer.

There are so many types of scams nowadays. To be able to stop spam calls or block telemarketing calls in the UK you have to understand why you are getting so many spam calls. The big question is this; ‘how are fraudsters getting your phone numbers?’

1.You Gave Them Your Contacts

The top reason why it is so hard to stop sales calls UK is because you keep giving out your contact details. When shopping online or setting up a Bluetooth speaker you most likely have to create an account. This means you have to enter your email address. Needless to say, disseminating your phone numbers online give fraudsters an opportunity to obtain your contacts. With that in mind, how do you stop unwanted calls in the UK?

a.Be stingy

Your best line of defence against spam calls is to be stingy. This is irrespective of how legitimate the reason is. When buying something in a store, for example, you can have a conversation like this with the cashier:

Cashier: “… Can I have your phone number please?”

You: “Why do you need my phone number?”

Cashier: “It will be needed when processing rewards and returns.”

While the reason sounds legit, you don’t have to give out your phone number. When signing up for online services, you should also go through the fine-print and make sure to check the box to say you don’t have a phone. If the form says ‘field required’, just keep reading. Not giving out your phone number even to your favourite store is the key to stop telesales calls in the UK.

b.Disguise your phone number digits

Almost everywhere you go the service provider will ask for your phone number. In most cases, the numbers are requested so as to build a contact list. If you keep giving out your phone numbers, you will not be able to block telesales calls in the UK no matter how hard you try. If the service provider insists you must give them your phone numbers, why not reverse the last digits of your phone number? Apologies to whomever might get the call meant for you but giving a fake number will give you some peace.

An alternative option is to create an account with Google Voice. With this free service, you will get a new number that you can use as your second line. You must have a Google account to sign up. The best thing about Google Voice is that it has a scam-blocking tool. Calls to that number can be directed to your real number. In case it is overrun, you can block unwanted calls in the UK by deleting the Google Voice number.

2.Calls are Cheaper to Make

One of the main reasons why you keep getting so many spam calls is because it is cheaper to make calls today. This is thanks to options like voice-over IP (VoIP). VoIP is the main culprit. These are calls made using the web instead of traditional phone lines. They are way cheaper to make. With the help of VoIP technology, both scammers and telemarketers are able to place phone calls over the web and imitate different phone numbers. With traditional phone lines there was a solution on how to block sales calls in the UK but it is harder today because telemarketers and scammers can use as many phone numbers as they want.

What started as a common-sense solution became a loophole for spammers. The use of VoIP by scammers has made it very hard to find a solid solution on how to stop sales calls in the UK. It is hard to tell if you are getting a legitimate calls or not. Due to spoofing, it is possible for you to be spammed by your own phone number.

While it is not easy to stop spam calls in the UK, your best solution is simply to keep your details to yourself. Don’t give your phone number to just anyone. For companies who get a tons of phone calls, the best way forward is to use premium solutions that help stop spam and telemarketing calls. One of the best solutions is MessageEasy. With this service, every caller will be directed to the platform where they have to register with a legitimate email and leave details on what they are selling. You then get an email with all the offers that were left and you can contact the callers whose services you need. This means no more wasting time on too many spam calls.

“The worst thing about spam calls is that they are more than a nuisance; some expose victims to fraud attempts. Bank account scams are very common where the caller pretends to be a representative from your bank and asks for sensitive details.”
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