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We have created a dedicated communication channel for potential vendors to contact businesses and it’s adding to their productivity.

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Improving Sales call for business

MessageEasy is improving sales calls for businesses

Businesses all over the UK use MessageEasy to eliminate the hassle of getting marketing calls for products and services they don’t need at the moment.

  • 42% of users are getting better offers and deals tailored for them
  • 73% of companies say there is less interruption due to marketing calls
  • 87% of employees are able to better manage telemarketing calls while at work

We Asked Our Customers What Changed For The Better Since Switching To MessageEasy. Here’s What They Had To Say:

Companies say the nicest things

Kickass teams all over the world choose MessageEasy


 Here’s what our customers are saying about MessageEasy

People all around the world have already made MessageEasy the place where their work happens.


It’s become easier to deal with telemarketers and stop them from calling your cellphone. We are definitely spending much less time on long sales calls. Thanks to MessageEasy, we now get communications from marketers that is more relevant to our service.

– Michelle Collins,
Sr Director of Customer Service


What I love most about using MessageEasy is redirecting and forgetting about it. We receive a mail every week and get to go sit and assess our needs as well as offers without dreading to take every sales call and wasting time on something that might not even be for us.

– Anna North,
Head of Procurement


MessageEasy has really added value for us. We’re seeing a difference in how much time and cost we are saving not dealing with every caller. It’s something inconspicuous but still adds up over time.

– Timothy Lake,
Finance Manager


We love the value it has bought and especially having a set response for every single unavoidable call.

– Faye McCarthy,
Human Resources Manager


MessageEasy has allowed us to cut short call times without refusing important sales pitches that might be just what we are looking for.

– Patrick Morris,
Head of Communications


It’s just the ideal thing to be able to neither refuse calls nor spend huge chunks of work time taking calls that could turn out to be unnecessary.

– Tony Bryne


MessageEasy couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We get one single email in lieu of hundreds of marketers calling us at office time. It already feels like an irreplaceable part of our operation.

– Leena Xing


Thank you MessageEasy for swooping in to save time. We are really happy about the cost we are saving just automating all our time that would be otherwise spent on marketing calls

-Trish Galley


It’s an extremely simple and fast solution for something that’s been a daily part of businesses for years now. Can’t recommend it enough to companies that get dozens of calls daily.

– Irene Maury


We get at least 15 calls a day. It’s confident inspiring that you know where to direct callers with a sales pitch. We are getting amazing offers that would have been lost in the barrage of calls had it not been for MessageEasy.

– Gary Kenneth


I highly recommend MessageEasy for letting us give the control of how and when we talk to when it comes to telemarketers.

– FaraMasih


“Having a single location for all the messages and timeline has kept everyone on the same page. Real time and money saver.”

-William White,

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