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The Dos and Don’ts of Interacting with Telemarketers

Telemarketers can be as terrifying as a horror film villain, pun intended ☺. They are relentless and regardless of the number of times you refuse to pick up and hang up on them they will still call you. The worst thing is if you decide to confront them, you will be stuck in an endless conversation that even the rudest ‘No’ will not save you from. So what can you do?

Dealing with telemarketers doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In addition to using tools to stop spam calls in the UK, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you never get as many distracting calls. Here are a few dos and don’ts of interacting with a telemarketer.

1.Do your own research

The main reason telemarketing calls are so detested is because most of them are from scammers. As a matter of fact, some of the most insidious scams from telemarketers are usually disguised as ‘charity’ organizations. Scammers know many people have the desire to help people in need. As a result, they play on this to swindle them.

Other times the call will seem legit. It may go something like this:

Telemarketer: am sorry to inform you this but we had a data breach at our bank and we are confirming a few details with our clients. Do you have a few minutes to spare?

You: eeh, yes.

Telemarketers: Great! I need your account name and credit card number to confirm a few things. Do you have these details with you?

To most people, such a call will sound legit. The rule of thumb is to never share your personal information over the phone. When in doubt you should confirm the details yourself. In the above case, you need to contact your bank directly to get the facts.

The main reason most people are unable to block telemarketing calls in the UK is because they keep sharing their information with telemarketers. Any piece of information you give out will be added to your profile. This means the telemarketer will be better prepared to disarm you the next time he or she calls. The first rule on how to block telemarketing calls is to keep quiet concerning your personal information.

2.Never following cold calling scripts

Telemarketer: Am calling to inform you that you have been awarded a free trip, all expenses paid!

You: Yeee! Oh! Wait, why am I getting this?

Telemarketer: Your name was selected from our loyalty program by our system. You do shop at XX, right?

You: Yes, I do. When can I take the trip?

Telemarketer: As soon as you want. You just need to pay a small processing fee and the prize will be yours.

If you have to pay to get a free offer, then it is a scam. Any telemarketer that demands an upfront fee is simply running a scam. You should simply say you are not interested and hang up. Engaging with such a telemarketer further will expose you to more problems now or in the future.

3.Don’t hang up in mid-conversation

Hanging up on a telemarketer is fun, right? The problem is doing so doesn’t stop telesales calls in the UK? but why is that so? When you hang up on a telemarketer, he simply marks you as a ‘no answer’. This is marked on a computer and a later date set to contact you again. You will definitely get called again and again until you pick up and speak to the telemarketer.

Picking up, harling insults and hanging up will not help stop unwanted calls either. When you hang up in mid-conversation, the telemarketer will simply note the call down as a ‘disconnect’. This means you will certainly get another call and soon.

You must also not make the mistake of telling the telemarketer that now is not a good time for you. Telemarketers know there is no such thing as a good time to call. They will ask for the best time to call and if you don’t give them an answer they will call you again anyway.

The only calls you can hang up on are RoboCalls. When you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, that is a robocall.

4.Do block them from the source

The best way to stop sales calls in the UK is to stop them from the source. Start by being stingy with your contact details. When signing up to anything, refrain from giving out your real phone numbers or email address. The fewer details you give out the better. It is also important to read through the agreement before signing up to anything that requires you to add your phone number. How will your phone number be used?

Another thing you should consider doing is using sales call management services like MessageEasy. MessageEasy works best for businesses. When telemarketers contact you, they will be redirected to MessageEasy where they need to sign up with a verified email and leave their message. You can then go through the message and contact any caller that is offering something that interests you. To further block unwanted calls in the UK from the source, you should consider adding your phone number to the ‘Do Not Call’ registry. When your phone number is registered, most telemarketing calls will stop.

While there is no sure-fire way on how to block telesales calls, these dos and don’ts will help break free from these annoying phone calls. However, if you just don’t have the time to answer all telesales and don’t want to miss out on juicy leads, the best tool you can use to stop sales calls and still review what the telemarketer was selling is MessageEasy. Give it a try today. The first month is free.

If you wish to stop telesales calls in the UK, you have to be unpredictable too. Don’t just rely on the techniques you read online. You have to be creative too.“Get Started today”

“If you just don’t have the time to answer all telesales and don’t want to miss out on juicy leads, the best tool you can use to stop sales calls and still review what the telemarketer was selling is MessageEasy.”
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