Ultimate Guide for Getting Rid of Telemarketers
Ultimate Guide for Getting Rid of Telemarketers

Ultimate Guide for Getting Rid of Telemarketers

To telemarketers, cold calling is often the first and arguably the most important step towards creating sales opportunities. The objective is to make contact with a company or individual who fits an ideal customer profile, introduce their products or solutions and determine if there is adequate interest to move forward. Cold calling is, without any doubt, the main reason it is so hard to stop spam calls in the UK. How so, you may ask?

For you to be contacted by a telemarketer, you must have shown some interest in the products or solutions they offer. You may have visited their website or shown the slightest interest in their products. Considering how prevalent the use of cookies is today, it is hard to fly under the radar when dealing with telemarketers. Now that that is out of the way, let us take a look at some methods you can use to get rid of telemarketers.

Understand how they prequalify a potential client

If you have dealt with telemarketers, you know how hard it is to shake them off. 96% of the time they get turned down and the only way for them to close a deal is to be insistent. It is so hard to irritate them and they will keep calling until they determine that you are a complete dead end. With that in mind, to be able to stop sales calls in the UK from telemarketers that don’t interest you, you have to get in their shoes. You need to understand how they operate, why they choose you and why they are relentless.

The main goal of cold calling is to qualify leads. Lead qualification is a process and that is why you will not be able to get rid of telemarketers easily even after giving them a firm ‘No’. You should also remember that before they get on the phone to call you, telemarketers have already done some research on you. They know the kind of problems you are dealing with, what your interests are and so on. They will use your persona data to influence you.

Telemarketer: Hello, I am Mark from Company X and I have an amazing offer I feel will be perfect for you. Do you have a few minutes to spare?

You: Okay. What is this offer about?

Telemarketer: Do you mind giving me your name?

While the above conversation might seem harmless, the best thing you can do to stop telesales calls in the UK is to give no new information to a telemarketer. Any information you disclose such as your current solutions provider, your name, and address will be used to update your profile. The next time the telemarketer contacts you he will be better prepared.

In the first phone call with the telemarketer, his goal will be trying to get answer to the following questions. The questions will be asked in creative ways so don’t expect the obvious.

  • What is your budget?
  • Are you the decision maker in your department/company?
  • How soon do you need a working solution?
  • Do you spend money to solve this issue using another product? If yes, what made you choose that product and how is your experience?
  • Do you have contracts with a competitor? When is the contract up for renewal?
  • Who oversees the implementation of the product?
  • How does your business make purchasing decisions? Who besides you have to be included in decision making?
  • What features are a must have in a product?
  • What problems are you trying to solve?

Take note of things they consider red flags

For a telemarketer to get to the point where he is asking the above questions, you will have already shown interest in their products or services. If you are not interested or simply want to stop unwanted calls in the UK, you need to show complete disinterest. Display the following red flags. Telemarketers have been trained to watch out for them.

  • Short answers. If a lead is not providing adequate details throughout a call, the telemarketer is trained to let it go because such a lead is definitely not interested.
  • Inconsistent answers. If you keep contradicting yourself throughout the conversation, it shows you are not interested.
  • Blocking the telemarketer from speaking with a decision maker is considered a red flag. The telemarketer will leave because he can’t make a sale if they can’t speak directly to the person that makes the decisions.

Qualifying a lead is very important to a telemarketer. If you are searching for the best way on how to stop sales calls, you must suppress your curiosity and let the telemarketer know from the beginning that you are not interested.

Take note of the telemarketer’s script

When a telemarketer contacts you, the first thing he really wants is to book an appointment with you. That is why on the first call all they will do is give vague information about the product or solution they are selling and ask lots of questions. It is only after showing interest in the product or solution that the telemarketer will move forward to market it to you.

You have the power to stop spam calls from taking up a lot of your time and peace in the future. All you need is to make use of the aforementioned tips. But what do you do if you no longer want to get dozens of sales calls? The answer is to block them. MessageEasy offers the best solution on how to block telemarketing calls in the UK.

When you register with MessageEasy, you will be able to block telemarketers by directing them to your MessageEasy profile where they need to register with a verified company email and leave their message. You can then schedule to get an email of all the offers left daily or once a week. After reviewing the offers, you can contact the telemarketer that has the best deal. MessageEasy offers the best way to block telemarketing calls without missing out on juicy leads. You can sign up today. The first month is free. “Get Started today”

“Cold calling is, without any doubt, the main reason it is so hard to stop spam calls in the UK.”
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