Why Telemarketers Persist in this Era of Robocalls
Why Telemarketers Persist in this Era of Robocalls_Revised_2

Why Telemarketers Persist in this Era of Robocalls

Have you ever answered the phone and heard a recorded message instead of a live person? That is a Robocall. They use a computerized autodialer to deliver pre-recorded messages. The Robocalls lack a personal touch and are mainly associated with telemarketing and political phone campaigns. However, unless you have given a written permission for a company to call you, any robocall that tries to sell you something is illegal. The two main types of robocalls that are legal are political calls about a candidate and charities seeking donations.

Telecalls, on the other hand, include two parties talking over the phone. They can be a customer service or sales call. People want to talk to real people who can listen and understand their problems. This is not available with Robocalls thus the reason telecallers are preferred. According to Clutch.co, about 60% of people block unwanted calls in the UK just to deal away with robocalls. 56% of people, further, believe robocalls should be banned completely.

It is because of these key reasons that telemarketers persist in the era of Robocalls. Even so, why would telemarketers still call even with the prevalence of solutions on how to stop spam calls in the UK? Here are the main reasons why.

1.It is their job to be persistent

If you have done your research on telemarketers, then you know they are trained to never take No for an answer. Rejection is inevitable since 97% of the time they are turned down. This is why telemarketers must have a resilient attitude in order to succeed. They remain focused on their goals and maintain a solid strategy for dealing with difficult situations.

Telemarketer: “Is now a good time for us to talk?”

You: “No, it’s not. (hangs up)”

This response is not marked as a dead end. The telemarketer will schedule a follow up call. As a matter of fact, when you hang up in mid-conversation, your call will be marked as ‘disconnected’. You will definitely get another call from the telemarketer.

Telemarketer: “Is now a good time for us to talk?”

You: “No, maybe some other time?”

With this response the telemarketer will reschedule the call. At times he may ask when will be the best time to call you. Any response you give will be logged and the telemarketer will use it to contact you on a later date. If you want to block telemarketing calls in the UK, you must refrain from giving them any information that creates a sense of false hope. It is also your job to give them a firm ‘No’. A ‘No’ that sounds like a ‘Maybe’ means you need more persuading and the telemarketer will call you again.

2.They still win even if you turn them down

Needless to say, information is power. In addition to promoting their products or services to you, telemarketers want to gather as much information about you as possible. Every telemarketing company has a system that compiles the profiles of the leads they contact. Any information you give out will be logged. The telemarketers will thus be able to see your full profile before they contact you. This means when they contact you in future they will be able to tailor their conversation to win you over.

If you want to learn how to block telemarketing calls in the UK, it is imperative that you refrain from giving out any information about you. When you are contacted, don’t tell the telemarketer the best time to contact you or give out alternative contact details. The goal is to be as stingy with your information as possible.

3.Customers still appreciate talking to a LIVE person

The worst part about picking phone calls from telemarketers is that they will waste your time 98% of the time. They are a distraction that will keep you from concentrating at work and might easily kill your morale. People are also savvier to the scams or sales robocallers peddle and as a result they have developed distrust which keeps them from answering calls from numbers they don’t recognize. Individuals and businesses just want to stop unwanted calls in the UK all together.

While there are many phone-based businesses that have valid reasons to call you, bad actors have created the atmosphere where billions of robocalls that are made each year keep interrupting legitimate contact between companies and consumer. Even so, telemarketers have to push through.

Every telemarketer knows that voice interaction is crucial for customer experience and there is definitely no replacement for that. Customers appreciate talking to someone directly as opposed to following the prompts of a pre-recorded machine voice.

The Absolute Best Way to Deal with Robocalls and Persistent Telemarketers

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“About 60% of people block unwanted calls in the UK just to deal away with robocalls. 56% of people, further, believe robocalls should be banned completely.”
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